Love Lies Bleeding

Empty lives are like stations where the train never stops.

You wait. You wait. The noise is loud. But the noise is inside your head.

A tune for a moment of isolation. Desolation. Damnation. Conflagration and Condemnation.

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Blue Belle

A sea of purple swirling scented swaying waves.

Round and round spinning, echoing, calling, remembering, falling, falling again.

The sounds you want for a moment of strangeness?

It's kind of a blues riff but something has happened?

There's undercurrents.

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Crazy Daisy

Dance around the garden, shaking like a crazy daisy. All change. All fall down. My Fair Lady. A folk tune, a touch of Spanish guitar, a descending ending. A bit of crazy percussion. The organ grinds his tired eye.

Do you need a tune that adds an element of uncertainty? Certainly.

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Rose Tattoo

If you're looking for a song that will transport you to a romantic, dreamy place, look no further than Rose Tattoo.

Air from the sea carries the memory of your love, and the tune will have you swaying along in no time.

The tattoo in the title refers to the mark that this passionate love will leave on your heart.

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In The Clover

Do you require a Children's TV Theme tune? One that will worm into your ear and refuse to come out until you offer it sticky sweets? As annoying as a very annoying annoyed. This is your sugar rush!

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The Moving Finger

A pop rock little belter.

Guitar riff and big drums growl together.

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Sugar Loaf Mountain

A happy tune.

Modulating key and getting happier each time. A feel good piece of music with a hippy trippy vibe.

If you want a loop that just feels good, have an earful.

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While We’re Young

A bouncy tune with a tight guitar riff with harmonies lingering in the Shadows.

Bit of a retro feel good feel! See what you think?

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A lost love song.

If you want a desolate song of despair, look no further.

This song might hurt you. But sometimes, we like a little pain.

Especially in a fluffy pop style!

This would be perfect in so many scenes where you need a sense of love and loss and sadness and pain.

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The White Spirit

Jumping from pop to rock and back, if you want a tune to capture a sense of movement, action, drama - this is your track. A dash of Cream, a slice of life, a blast of past and the shape of things to come. It's all here.

A rock tune recalling sounds from the 60s mixed with a little 21st-century fun and funk. Big drums crash over a pumping bass line.

Creamy chords, dreamy licks.

This could be a walk along a beach, a drive at night, a morning in the city - but - there's a twist, there's a change of atmosphere - something is hidden.

Something is about to happen. What?

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