Sleeping With The Enemy

If you need something that sounds gentle, peaceful, restful - all calm - but then - is there a sense of unease?

Is all well?

Just a chance that below the surface there's unrest?



Maybe not?

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Winter Etude

Looking for an ambient atmospheric piece for a winters day scene?

Walking in the snow?

Crisp winter morning, snow falling on a wonderland?

Up ahead is a warm fire and a welcome home.

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The Inverted Bowl

Need a track to add to a scene of nature or travel.

Flying, driving and looking at the passing world.

This track is a jaunty piece invoking movement within a sphere, beneath the sky.

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The Manic

Need a bit of weird atmosphere?

Ambient guitars phase over lazy jazzy drums and a McCartney bass line.

Summer of Love take 3.

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We Who Have Heard The Midnight Chimes

Looking for something to convey walking thru the city at night?

Tubular bells ring - moving thru the city scene. Eyes peeled.

Remember, with the dry rattle of age, the nights in St George's Field with Jane Nightwork?

Dead and gone, Sir John.

But we have heard the chimes at midnight.....

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