Blues From Buckle

The Story

This song was inspired by stories of a hometown’s past, and it captures the feelings of pain and anger that many people still feel about thier hometown’s history. The song is a powerful reminder of how far we have come, and it is a stirring call to action for all of us to continue fighting for justice and equality.

The Music

A light feel to this track, if you need an acoustic country blues rag this will give you that authentic mood. A nod to Leadbelly and Big Bill Broonzy with a little Memphis Minnie as bottleneck slide old time guitar rolls around a shuffling washboard snare and broom handle bass.

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The Story

Redemption is the perfect choice for your next project.

A haunting ballad about making up for past mistakes. This song will remind you of the power of friendship and second chances.

Whether you're looking for something to convey loss and regret or forgiveness and hope, this song will do the trick.

Redemption is perfect for any project that needs a touch of emotion.

The Music

Looking for a gritty, dark blues track?

Look no further than Redemption.

This smoky shuffle will give your movie or video that Chicago feel.

And with a sultry siren vocal on top, it's sure to add some allure to your project.

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Mr Steady

The Story

This song is about any musician who wants to set the tone for a steady, reliable performance.

Mr. Steady is the perfect song for any project that wants to pay tribute to the blues genre.

If you're looking for a song that captures the essence of a drummer and pays homage to the steady beats anyone has grown up hearing as a child, take a listen to Mr. Steady.

The Music

This music is perfect for injecting some retro vibes into your production!

This 60s blues rock riff type tune recalls the classics like Cream, Ten Years After, and Jefferson Airship.

But with the added touch of NFTs, you know this music is fresh and new.

With its soulful, bluesy rock feel, it'll add an authentic touch to any scene.

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Going Back to Buckle

The Story

If you're looking for music that takes you back to your roots, Going Back To Buckle is the song.

It will transport you to the small town where the performer grew up, and the bar where they first performed.

With its authentic sound, this music is perfect for lending an air of nostalgia to your next project.

The Music

A perfect slice of Rock and Roll to add life and snap to any clip.

A hint of Chuck Berry with a wisp of jump jazz (maybe Chuck Beret?) - a 50s sounding mix of rough house band - live in a downtown dive bar.

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Back Home

The Story

Looking for a song to help you capture the mixed emotions of returning home?

This heartfelt ballad perfectly captures the nostalgia and longing often felt when going back to their childhood home.

Whether they're feeling anxious about change or simply missing the good old days, this song is sure to resonate.

The Music

This a modern new take on slow blues. Ideal for creating an atmospheric moment in any clip or movie.

Full of blistering guitar but with a distinctively new edge.

Featuring a great female vocal where Beth Hart meets Joanne Shaw Taylor with a touch of Amy Winehouse.

A new take on old themes.

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Still Steady

The Story

Still Steady is the perfect song for thanking an old friend who's always been there for you.

The gentle melody and heartfelt lyrics will show your appreciation and remind your friend how much you appreciate their support.

Featuring beautiful vocals and gentle instrumentation, this song is perfect for any friendship-themed project.

The Music

Ideal for creating a retro mood, this track has a Green Onions groove driven along with a twangy guitar and low down bass.

Featuring a call and response vocal that has shades of 70s blues rock.

Stone the Crows meets Vinegar Joe. Perfect for setting a scene, keeping the action moving, getting toes tapping.

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Daddy’s Little Girl

The Story

She was a daddy's little girl, born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But when her world came crashing down, she had to find her own way. And that's when she discovered her true passion: singing.

Daddy's Little Girl is the perfect track for telling this powerful story.

With its emotive and stirring melodies, it will touch your heart and soul.

The Music

A slow blues - Early Clapton meets the new guns playing a modern blues shuffle with proper 60s fire.

The twist is this is a new modern female vocal referencing Susan Tedeschi, Beth Hart and perhaps a touch of Chrissie Hynde and Amy Winehouse.

A powerhouse track to add drama and tension to any setting.

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Catch That Backbeat

The Story

This song is a musical testament to the power of music.

It is about a young person influenced by music, understands that music can instill more than just sadness or happiness.

It's about overcoming life's obstacles and rising above them.

It will make you feel appreciated and understood, even on your worst days.

This song is sure to get your toes tapping and your head nodding along with the beat. So catch that backbeat and let the music lift you up!

The Music

Do you need a country blues flyer?

Shuffling like Albert Lee racing the breeze.

Country picking and a feel good vibe.

Add a lot of fun and light to any scene.

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The Story

A tribute to an overworked mother, appropriately called ‘Mama.’ It details the trouble a mother goes through to raise a family while enduring family poverty.

It perfectly captures the struggle and determination of mothers everywhere, while providing a moving and emotionally charged soundtrack for any video or multimedia project.

The Music

Are you in need of a big slow blues with a heavy guitar and a passionate vocal.

This will add real soul and stormy emotion to any scene.

This will take you to 50s Memphis and Chicago and also to the 60s British Blues Boom of Taste, Cream and into your scene with intensity!

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