What can you say about a tune that takes Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 with a Leonard Cohen/Tom Waits feel?

If this is the song you have been looking for but never knew it, your quest is over.

It might be the missing piece to a jigsaw you thought you had lost.

Quirky is where this starts.

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The London Peculiar

Footsteps in the dark.

Someone is out there in the foggy streets.... they might be looking for you, you might be hiding from them, it might be more complicated than that......

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The New Cross Gait

It's the walk of shame.

The pub crawl of life in the wet streets of New Cross.

You're 3 sheets to the wind and it's only 8 O'Clock and time is going downhill fast.

Want a track to convey a sense of being just that bit East of Jesus?

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Thru The Glass, Darkly

End of night and all is lost but the bloody band won't stop thundering inside and outside your head.

No peace for the wicked. If you need a track to give that feeling of round and round we go, going nowhere but maybe happy just killing time, people sway, glasses are raised, the band in the corner of the room keep playing and no ones going home tonight.

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Hither and Thither

A tune conveying a sense of back and forth, running round.

Looking here and there. For what? An answer?

If you want a tune with a twisting lick and big drums giving a sense of movement, try this.

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The Rubaiyat

Inside the temple, inside the dome, incense fills the air, shapes swirl and disappear, something calls you forward into the light,

in to the enlightenment. Bells ring, percussion and bass layered with electric guitars.

Mystic soup. If that's what you need, here there be dragons.

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