La Di Dah

La di dah. We put the fire out and smoke blows through your mind til you think we can sleep but 80's are still calling while falling.

La Di Dah is a track that embodies what it feels like to have an inefficient furnace burning inside us, trying desperately not only heat up our homes but also lighten their fuel load - meaning less work for Mother Nature!

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Lost in Spice

Introducing Lost in Spice, the perfect music for any producer looking for something new and exciting. With its mix of pinky floyd bass, loopy beats, and spices, this track is sure to get your audience moving and keep them coming back for more. The guitar adds an extra layer of fun and excitement, while the clack clack machine provides the perfect backdrop for any scene.

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Roll Me Over

A bit of retro rock and roll with a touch of Duane Eddy heavy on the echo/reverby boomy country boogie. Perfect if you want to capture a little 50s vibe with a hint of a rumble tumble stumble.

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A Flower in the Desert

Looking for something Mountainous? Heavy bass and drum boom like an avalanche. This one takes no prisoners. Motorhead-Butt.

Dark sinister bass and drum thunder over a heavy riff - think Royal Blood with shades of early Sabbs - Fairies Wear Boots!

This is a bit evil.

Things could happen. It could get messy.

Ideal horror gory mash.

Hammer time.

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Sewer Rat Riff

If you need something sleazy and dirty. Something dragged out of the pits of sweaty rock and roll. look no further. A filthy rat riff is powered by a phat-berg of drums! Just what you need to get the motor running.

Down in the sewer somethings stirring and it sounds like the whole things gonna blow.

A rock riff blast like heavy metal thunder - get your motor running.

Something wicked this way comes.

This is the soundtrack for your chase scene.

Keep on running cos the beast is behind you.

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Royal Disaster

This track is a big drum and bass boom-boom. Phasing guitars swirl around the centre of a modulating bass riff while the drums add heavy metal thunder. If you want a bit of Fright Night atmos-fear, look no further.

Soundscapes swirl, mists sweep across a mystic land. Shapes form.

There's something out there.... Get your imagination fired by this big bloody blood curdling track full of portents and ominous imagery.

A walk through the graveyard at night......

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The White Spirit

Jumping from pop to rock and back, if you want a tune to capture a sense of movement, action, drama - this is your track. A dash of Cream, a slice of life, a blast of past and the shape of things to come. It's all here.

A rock tune recalling sounds from the 60s mixed with a little 21st-century fun and funk. Big drums crash over a pumping bass line.

Creamy chords, dreamy licks.

This could be a walk along a beach, a drive at night, a morning in the city - but - there's a twist, there's a change of atmosphere - something is hidden.

Something is about to happen. What?

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