Is There Anywhere I Can Hide?

Need a delicate vibe?

A tune that feels fragile?

Maybe even a little scared?

A touch of gothic horror or impending doom?

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The Beast Inside

The Beast Inside is a dark and brooding drum and bass tune with an overlaid echoed guitar.

It's the perfect song for capturing a search, or a confused quest for something lost inside or out.

With its musical tone, The Beast Inside is sure to engage and create an atmosphere of suspense.

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Sleepy-Pie Lullaby

Let's face it, you are exhausted and want to just close your eyes, but there's a banging in your head and you can't get no peace.

Not with these drums!!!

Nervous exhaustion takes over.

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Above and Below

If you want a love song with a world ambient vibe - keys and haunting guitar - swirling harmonies - and the lyric defining a love that is above and below definition and between and beyond the tide of time, this is it.

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